Therapeutic Massage has many benefits which include: Massage therapy not only decreases pain and muscle tension, but also results in increased emotional balance and relaxation. Relieves stress as well as muscle tension and stiffness Promotes faster healing, better sleep and circulation Strengthens the immune system Reduces levels of anxiety and relieves tension related headaches Improves concentration, posture and flexibility in muscles/joints Creates overall RELAXATION There are many reasons why you may be thinking about therapeutic massage... You may be a person with chronic pain, head aches or discomfort seeking relief. You may be a person who would like some time to yourself to truly relax. You may be a pregnant woman or mother who would like some care and time for herself. You may be an active person who wants to keep your body feeling and functioning at its best. You may be feeling unbalanced, disconnected or under stress.
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Therapeutic massage is a natural and effective way to decrease pain, reduce anxiety and depression and decrease stress. Massage can decrease symptoms of pregnancy such as low back and hip pain and increase maternal and fetal well-being. Therapeutic massage can be a part of a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. I look forward to having the opportunity to help you experience these many benefits of therapeutic massage during you time at Rocky River Therapeutic Massage.  Kim
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